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The SolarMate is a South African designed, patented and manufactured product. It utilises a patented* collector array (see figure 2) to transfer solar energy to a storage tank by direct energy transfer and all the components which transfer the energy and store it are plastic or rubber, excluding the collector array which is made from copper and is known to have anti-bacterial properties. The tubing connecting the array and the storage tank as well as that connecting the SolarMate to the inlet and outlet water supply is made from food-grade material and the storage tank is suitable for potable water storage. There are fewer parts to assemble and the manufacture of the system is simplified as a result; in addition corrosion of any parts in contact with water cannot occur. The SolarMate housing consists of treated and painted galvanised steel and a toughened glass cover lets solar energy through to heat the collector array. It can withstand hail which occurs on the Highveld.

*Patent No. ZAP/2004/02832

Figure 1: Standard fin and tube collector
Figure 2: SolarMate’s collector array
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SolarMate water heater

SolarMate water heater

SolarMate water heater

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